A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets



About Moi: Okay here goes: my name's Lily, I'm 19 years old, and I reside in the USA. I'm a high school graduate, class of '08! but I still miss school sometimes =/ I can't stand bullies, that's so immature, beauty is not only in the exterior, there's also the beauty of your soul, and that's the most important one to me. Listening to music makes me happy, even when I'm taking a shower, I take my radio in there and blast my iPod. I'm usually glued to my laptop... and my phone, which by the way MUST have a keyboard, or else it takes me like 3 hours to write a text message xD Candy is a must, I eat way too many carbohydrates, and I'm always eating fruits. I love hanging out with friends, ice skating, driving around, or just doing random things here and there. Roller coasters are awesome, take me to an amusement park and I'm in heaven! What can I say, I'm still a kid at heart (:

Music: ERRTHANG in english and spanish or any other random language...as long as I like it, but it also depends on my mood, sometimes I just randomly feel like listening to rock, or hip hop, or love songs, that's why I have different playlists.

My current Myspace profile Playlist:
1. Friend or Foe- t.A.T.u
2. Robot- t.A.T.u
3. Miente- Cubanito 20.02
4. It's gotta be you- Backstreet Boys
5. Hold the line- Toto
6. Them Bones- Alice in Chains
7. Flightless bird American mouth- Iron and Wine
8. I don't wanna miss a thing- Aerosmith
9. The winner takes it all- Abba

Television: I watch TV when I'm bored, I don't watch a lot of shows, I'll flip through channels until I find something interesting.

- Family Guy
love Stewie, Brian and Peter
- America's Next Top Model
cycles 1 - 12
- George Lopez
Benny's freakin' hilarious
- The Nanny
Fran and Niles rock<3
- Spongebob Squarepants
Mr. Krabs' greedy ass cracks me up

Harry Potter Series: 1-7
Twilight Saga: 1-3
I refuse to read Breaking Dawn